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If you require to play blackjack online it is very important that you at least know the basic strategy. In lieu of guessing or playing with 'gut feelings' you can make the basic plays for every feasible situation. Of coursework counting cards is much better than basically going 'by the book', but not knowing to count cards is by no means an excuse not to know how to play exactly. Blackjack is a game that is built on making the best feasible play in the long run.

I have heard lots of time players telling me that every time they stood on '16' against a dealer's face card the dealer busted, and every time they hit a '16' against a dealer's face card they were busted. That might have been true, but unless you count cards and know that the deck is very favorable ('loaded' with 10-value cards), the best thing you can do is hit a '16' against a dealer's face card. Although you are likely to lose, you are likely to lose more in the event you stand. Many sites to play free online casino games no download. Online casinos blackjack and video slots you can also get easily.

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