Auto Warranty

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Have a car you get a warranty? Guarantee your car right now. Presents for your driving comfort and family.

Why should it be guaranteed?

In principle, auto warranty is a risk transfer agreement between the owner of the object insured (the insured) and corporate guarantee (guarantor) in accordance with fundamental principles of the warranty. In this case, you transfer the risk of losses that might occur on your vehicle to the insurance company to pay a premium.
What types of coverage are available?

Determine the type of coverage according to your needs. Understand the policy (an agreement) between you and the warranty. It is important to read what is included in the coverage and what conditions are excluded. This is important for you as the holder of the full control of your vehicle, still trying to maintain the security of your vehicle.

If you do not want to follow auto warranty then you should get ready to buy a new car. You must be smart in choosing a new car prices. Adjust with the desire and the funds you own.

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