Effective Learning

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To reach success in the future, students compete to learn to get better grades in school. In accordance with the proverb "Learning is the key to success." Learning is to understand, feel, know, seek, describe, so that by studying people will know everything that is not yet known.

Learning is generally done during school hours. However, to obtain an effective way of learning, learning takes a lot. Not in school hours only, learning must be done at home. Successful learning depends on learning how each person, every person has a different way of learning. However, some people have brains work the same way, so how belajarnyapun same. Here are some tips on how to learn is good.
  1. Intend in themselves, give motovasi study first. Sure and give the spirit of the heart. That, by learning we can get a good grade in school.
  2. Start learning to read first. After the reading, create a resume of the books you read. Reading, writing improve memory performance in your brain.
  3. If something is not understood, do not be ashamed to bertnya. And do not be embarrassed to answer questions from other people. Learning from others' questions increase your knowledge.
  4. Avoid the act of cheating. Do the exam with the answers themselves. That way, you'll know which side is not yet known, and which side is to be learned.
  5. Learning that too seriously is also not good for the brain, give a level of learning time and refreshing. Can also be done by study groups, study groups to learn an efficient alternative. If no one understood, you can ask directly to your group of friends learning.
  6. Create a good learning time planning. For example, if you go to school from 7 am until 2 pm, give time 2 hours at 7 pm until 9 o'clock to repeat the lessons at school.
  7. Learn to persevere, practice continues with a variety of problems in school.

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