How to Prepare Syllabus With Character Education

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For novice teachers may even be a student teacher, preparing a new syllabus is very difficult to imagine his form. In the course material for curriculum development, must be given the materials on the syllabus. However, quite a few are experiencing difficulties at the time arranged to fit the needs of the present curriculum, the curriculum or curriculum SBC 2006.

Actually what is the syllabus? To be more easy to get an idea about the syllabus, Kenneth Croft (1980) adopted the opinion of McKay's paper on the syllabus. McKay states that ".... A syllabus Provides a focus for what Should Be studied, a long with a rationale for how the content Should Be selected and ordered." In other words, a syllabus focusing on what must be learned, and an explanation of how the content should be chosen and prepared.

So if a teacher will provide teaching materials or carry out teaching and learning activities, it must prepare syllabus in order to provide a clear and definite path for students on the material provided and its ability to be achieved.

Permendiknas No. 41 of 2007 on the Standard Process states that the syllabus as a reference for the development of RPP contains the identity of subjects, standards of competence (SK), Basic Competency (KD), learning materials / learning themes, indicators of achievement of competencies, assessment, allocation of time, and resources learning.

The development of the new syllabus, should include elements of character education in it, and planned to be included as values of behavior that must be inculcated to the students. Why are the values of behavior? Because the character itself means the values that underlie human behavior based on religious norms, culture, law / constitution, customs, and aesthetics. According Koesoema (2007) in his book "Character Education", provides a description of the character as follows:

"Here, the term is considered the same character with personality. Regarded as a trait or personality characteristics or styles or characteristics of a person who comes from formations received from the environment, for example the family in childhood, and also one's innate from birth. "

Character education means a system of values of investment behavior (character) to the resident school include knowledge, awareness or volition, and actions put their values, both to the Almighty God, self, neighbor, neighborhood, or nationality, so even become human kamil (perfect). Connection with the preparation of the syllabus, or cultivation of character education values are increasingly clarified in the syllabus content. As was disclosed by Koesoema about the meaning of which is considered the same character with personality, it is almost as well as character education by teaching personality.

Step-by-step syllabus is as follows:
  1. Map Competency Standards (SK) and Basic Competency (KD)
  2. Pick and choose the appropriate learning materials with basic competence with reference to or use of learning resources
  3. Designing learning activities with use traditional teaching methods that have been widely used. Make learning activities such as attractive as possible and to motivate students to be ready to learn.
  4. Determine indicators of achievement to make it easier to design assessment.
  5. Arrange assessment by including techniques used, the shape of the instrument, and give examples of problems.
  6. Allocate time learning activities. Customize with material that will be given.
  7. Enter the source of learning. Learning resources can be used books, CDs, tapes, or website.
  8. And last specify what the character values must be inculcated through the material provided.

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