Gay Military

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Sexual needs in the army larger than other professions. This relates to the nature of his job. Often the soldiers are young children away from home and work under high pressure. Therefore, they have a greater need to vent their sexual needs. Maj. Niels Roelen own experience during the mission in Afghanistan, "Not long after the great battle I have always had a big sex drive." Sometimes they take it out with the same sex, or called gay. Sites Gay Military Tube shows that gay soldiers do exist.

According to a psychologist who later met Roelen, it is the body's natural reaction when frightened. From the psychological tests showed that the body produces a lot of testosterone because of a need to reproduce when frightened. So, fear of side effects have a clear erotic.

Some time ago gay army banned in the United States. But eventually, the U.S. military allowing gays to engage in the U.S. military. That is, the same rights we will get all the gay soldiers, and they began to put habwa hopes Congress will approve this.

A report on this subject mentions that 70 percent of the soldiers believe that canceling the rules "do not ask, do not tell" will have a big effect, positive or not, while 30 percent predicted a negative consequence.

Previously, 40 percent opposed a change in the rules, and now that figure rose to 46 percent among the Marines.

92 percent of troops who had worked with a gay colleague who said that their unit's ability to work together very good, good, or not good or bad is not normal alias.

The report expected that military commanders believe that gay soldiers have a strong desire to fit in and feel accepted by their units.

The survey is based on the responses of about 115,000 troops who were asked by an independent survey company.

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