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Reading is an activity that productive to do, remember reading is so important to be implemented in human life are many benefits that can be drawn from reading thus reminded of the importance of reading as an effort that is very helpful when children are taught to membac sejakdini, so that later can accustomed to, but keep in mind parents dalaam implement to keep observing the development of children, so there is no element of coercion in penanamanya. First reading interests must be inculcated through education and family habits.

Reading is the process to gain understanding from a combination of letters and kata.Menurut Juel (1988) imply that reading is the process of getting to know the meaning of words and combine words in sentences and the structure of reading. The final result of the reading process is someone capable of making the essence of reading. Based on the opinion of the above we can conclude that the interest in reading is a force that encourages children to pay attention, to feel interested and excited about reading activities so that they will do reading activities of their own accord. Aspects of reading interests include the enjoyment of reading, frequency of reading and awareness of the benefits of reading.

Interest in reading needs to be invested and grown since the child but this all can not be separated from the parent role in cultivating interest in reading children. Importance of Education konsekuwensi sense of family is the responsibility of parents towards their children, in families of children began to recognize this life we need to realize that the child was born in a family environment to child growth and development of escape from the family and therefore so much influence parents to their children then in This stimulates interest in reading the child - the child in an effort to train reading early on.

Basically every baby born didunui has the potential to grow and develop well, and every child is able to maximize their potential in a very personal, but this all requires attention for its potential child can develop good ririskiky. Planting early reading as a form of investment for kids make for better child is every parent's dream, like a flower child will grow properly if planted in the right place, well maintained and full of love as well as children will be able to grow and grow well if given the attention of parents.

Are the methods used to use violence?

How parents in educating their children is a determining factor for the success of the learning process because the process pengajaaran at least, do not use coercion and violence it can cause the children would be reluctant to learn and would hate to read. In teaching the parents can use the way which was considered instructive example while playing children are taught reading this will be better and more fun.

Educating children is too hard, forcing children to learn and without considering the factors that there is a wrong way to educate children this can make children even fear due to these pressures. Parents need to know when the time children are educated with violence and when educated with lamah gentle and loving. Era of development of science and technology more advanced and developed rapidly so that the development and advancement of the cause impact on the growth and development of children, both positive and negative aspects. For example we will mengajarai about the letter off for example the letter "B" letter that has two big belly, is different again with the letter "D" who has a stomach of course these are just examples of parents to be more creative in teaching reading for children easily understand. However, no attempt has been made here barhenti until there are enough other factors play a role then is there any source of support at home?

Currently, almost every house has a good reading was obtained through loans or property sendirioleh therefore true to cultivate interest in reading can not be separated from the availability of reading materials at home such as books, newspapers, magazines, comic. Interest in reading is not grow automatically this needs to be stimulated to grow properly. Interest in children's learning is very important in the learning process of the interest has pengaruah big enough in their learning. reading activities will be conducted by a child or not is determined by the interests of children to the event. Here it appears that interest is a strong motivator to perform an activity.

In general, the interest can be interpreted as a tendency that causes a person trying to find or try the activities in a particular field. Interest was also interpreted as a positive attitude towards child environmental aspects. There is also a mean interest as a permanent tendency to pay attention and enjoy an activity accompanied by pleasure reading will be able to attract interest if parents understand their children if diliat of the availability of reading materials at home. Stimulate interest in reading the child as a form of thinking which has a filter good with kids not so easily carried away by currents that are not clear then the question is there any books that sesuia needs as children? with the availability of specific books that match children's interests then this will facilitate the child in learning and have a considerable influence on its development.

Interest in reading needs to be invested and grown since the child was a child because the child's reading interests will not be formed by itself, but is strongly influenced by the stimulus from the environment in which the child interacts. The family is the earliest and dominant environment in the implant, grow and develop reading interests of children. Parents need to instill awareness of the importance of reading in human life for that parent to make himself an example for their children this so that there was a relationship between planting reading this to look to the future better.

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