Effective Teaching Techniques

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When teaching is complex and because students were varied, there is no single way to teach effectively to all things. Teachers must master a variety of perspectives and strategies, and should be able to apply them flexibly. This required two main things: (1) The knowledge and professional expertise, (2) commitment and motivation.


Teachers who effectively controlled and subject matter expertise or good teaching skills. Effective teachers have good pursuit strategy dab supported by the method of goal setting, planning instruction, and classroom management. They know how to motivate, communicate, and relate effectively with students from various cultural backgrounds. They also know how to use the technology in the classroom. Here is an explanation of each of several criteria above.

1. Mastery of subject matter
Effective teachers must be knowledgeable, flexible, and understand the material. Of course, knowledge of the subject matter does not only include facts, terms, and general concepts. It also requires a basic knowledge of organizing the material, linking the various ideas, ways of thinking and arguing.

2. Teaching Strategies
In this case, how teachers can make the teaching material can be mastered by students. In the old model of education (traditional) too stressed pupils must sit still, be a passive listener and asked students to memorize information that is relevant and irrelevant. Then switch on the principles of constructivism, which emphasizes that students actively develop and build knowledge and understanding. But not all experts agree with the above, but the important thing is even if you're using one of the strategies above, there are still many things to be known, the things that gives the effect of effective teaching.

3. Goal setting and instructional planning skills
Effective teachers do not just teach in class, whether he uses traditional or constructivist perspective above. They also must determine the learning objectives and develop plans to achieve that goal.

4. Classroom management skills
Another important aspect to be effective teachers are able to keep the class together and remained active into the classroom oriented tasks. Effective teachers to maintain a conducive learning environment.

5. Motivational skills
Effective teachers have a good strategy to motivate students to want to learn. Effective teachers know that students will be motivated when they can choose something that suits his interest. Good teachers will give students the opportunity to think creatively and deeply for their own projects.

6. Communication skills
It is necessary to teach the skills required in speaking, listening, verbal communication to overcome barriers, to understand non-verbal communication from the students, and memapu resolve conflicts constructively.

7. Work effectively with students from various different cultures
Effective teachers should know and understand the cultural background of children with different, and sensitive to their needs. Encourage students to each other pupils to relate positively.

8. Technology expertise
Effective teachers know how to use computers and how to teach students to use computers to write and be creative. Technology itself does not always improve student learning skills need to match between the curriculum with the appropriate technology in teaching.


Being an effective teacher also requires commitment and motivation. This aspect includes good attitude and attention to students. Commitment is needed in teaching, how teachers provide energy and mind to give instruction that can be accepted by the students well. Effective teachers also have confidence in their ability and will not let negative emotions fade their motivation.

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